Toastmasters Podcast #074: The Revitalized Education Program with Daniel Rex and Pat Johnson

Written by Bo Bennett on .

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[24:50] As the world changes, Toastmasters International is changing with it. That means offering more and better opportunities to grow and learn. Toward that end, the organization has exciting news to share: After much thought, research and analysis, Toastmasters is revitalizing its education program.
The new program, which is expected to debut in the second half of 2014, is one of the most significant Toastmasters projects in recent memory. It will offer a clearer path for education awards, provide a greater emphasis on real-life communication and leadership skills and maximize the use of online resources to help with self-directed learning.
The Revitalized Education Program is being developed with the input and participation of members around the world. There are two groups of member volunteers: Learning Masters and Ambassadors. The Learning Masters are being led by Pat Johnson, Toastmasters’ 2010–2011 International President.

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Join Toastmasters International Chief Executive Officer Daniel Rex and Past International President Pat Johnson as they discuss the organization’s Revitalized Education Program with Bo and Ryan.

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