Toastmasters Podcast #071: 2013 International Convention Special Sneak Preview! (Part 3)

Written by Bo Bennett on .

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[31:45] Sheryl Roush, Erica Dhawan, Dr. Hassan Tetteh and Judy Carter are among 11 speakers who will present education sessions at this year’s Toastmasters International Convention, held August 21–24 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The presenters will offer tips and strategies related to leadership- and communication-themed topics.
Sheryl Roush, DTM, PDG, AS, is a trainer, keynote presenter, speaking coach and author. As president and CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., based in San Diego, California, she works with individuals and organizations to help them boost morale, garner publicity and be more successful. Her 35 years of diverse experience blends in-person, public and print communication skills. Her convention session is titled Heart of a Toastmaster, which is the name of her new book.
Erica Dhawan is a globally recognized leadership expert, corporate consultant and keynote speaker based in New York, New York. She teaches business leaders and companies how to creatively drive performance, improve innovation across generations and cultures, capitalize on the expertise of emerging talent, and prepare for the future. Her session is titled Unleash Innovation with the Power of Connectional Intelligence™.

Dr. Hassan Tetteh, M.D., MPA, MBA, is a U.S. Navy commander and assistant professor of surgery at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. A thoracic surgeon, Hassan served as assistant deputy commander for Healthcare Operations and Strategic Planning at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. His session is titled Exceeding Expectations: How to Create an Enduring Personal Legend.

Judy Carter is an author, speaking coach and humorist based in Venice Beach, California. Her message of using comedy techniques to decrease work stress has made her a popular speaker for Fortune 500 companies. She also coaches speakers on finding their message and making it funny. Her private clients range from reality TV stars and professional wrestlers to well-known actors, comics and a U.S. senator. Her session is titled Finding and Speaking the Message of You: How Your Personal Mess is Someone’s MESSage.

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