#162: Is It Okay To Laugh? – Judy Carter

August 01, 2020Categories: Humor, Creativity, Storytelling

The Toastmasters Podcast with Bo Bennett, Ryan Levesque, and Greg Gazin
The Toastmasters Podcast is like a radio talkshow featuring interviews with Toastmasters usually featured in the Toastmaster magazine. But unlike a radio show, a podcast is on the Internet, and available, for free, to anyone in the world with an Internet connection, and a connected device capable of playing audio.

[32:35] In this fast-paced special extended episode Greg and Ryan speak with Judy Carter about her article in the August 2020 issue of the Toastmaster magazine, “Is it Okay to Laugh in Serious Times?” As a world renowned top motivational humorist speaker, comedian and presentation coach, and author of The New Comedy Bible and The Comedy Bible Workbook, today's episode features lots of laughs. 

Judy offers her insights on laughter and humor in the midst of difficulties, and provides gives us practical examples of how to put humor to good use. Insisting that comedy lives in the details of life, Judy also puts your humble co-hosts to task with a challenge from her article on finding the funny in the midst of COVID-19 calamities. 

Judy also shares practical tips on effective virtual presentations.

As a gift to Toastmasters community during the Coronavirus crisis, Judy is giving away her complete online speaking and comedy classes (Value: $770.00) for free. You can sign up and get a free membership by sending an email to free@judycarter.com.

Judy can be reached at JudyCarter.com. 

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