#181: Clear Communication Critical to Conquer COVID - Michael Osur, DTM

May 15, 2021Categories: Communication, Change, Influence, Leadership, Public Speaking

The Toastmasters Podcast with Bo Bennett, Ryan Levesque, and Greg Gazin
The Toastmasters Podcast is like a radio talkshow featuring interviews with Toastmasters usually featured in the Toastmaster magazine. But unlike a radio show, a podcast is on the Internet, and available, for free, to anyone in the world with an Internet connection, and a connected device capable of playing audio.

[23:27] Clear communication today, particularly in healthcare, can mean the difference between life and death. Today's guest serves on the leading edge in the fight against COVID-19 and certainly fits in that category. Michael Osur, DTM is director and chief health strategist of the Riverside County Department of Public Health in California. He oversees a staff of 600 with a combined budget of over 125 million dollars. A past International Director for Toastmasters, Michael shares about the challenges faced by his department over the past several months, and how skills learned in Toastmasters equip him to lead, serve, and communicate every single day.

Michael was featured in a Toastmaster magazine May 2021 online exclusive Q&A, entitled: Leading the Way in Public Health: Past International Director draws on his Toastmasters training for COVID communications.

Michael can be reached at: mosur "at" Toastmasters "dot" org. 


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