Toastmasters Podcast #010: Effective Intercultural Communication

September 30, 2009Categories: Communication, Influence

The Toastmasters Podcast with Bo Bennett, Ryan Levesque, and Greg Gazin
The Toastmasters Podcast is like a radio talkshow featuring interviews with Toastmasters usually featured in the Toastmaster magazine. But unlike a radio show, a podcast is on the Internet, and available, for free, to anyone in the world with an Internet connection, and a connected device capable of playing audio.

[18:45] From the October 2009 issue of the Toastmaster, Florence Ferreira, ACB, CL, shares her story Know Thy Culture. Florence describes her first experience with a professional presentation in the United States and offers suggestions to recognize the hidden dimensions of cultures that can help people communicate more effectively in an intercultural context.

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